Blue Flower

Joomloc-LITE is an online reservation request component of accommodation for all types, developed for Joomla! ®. Joomloc-LITE is a component enabling any type of accommodation to present its lease on its own site and a booking request form. You manage your property via the back-end. You can create as many accommodations (rooms, studios, bungalows ..) that need, if you are a hotel with 50 rooms, you can create your 50 rooms, a campground can put all his pitches, but a villa or apartment can also simply use the component ...



Joomloc-LITE-FREE is :

  • Unilimited accomodations
  • Multilingual
  • CSS file to adjust it on your template
  • Captcha anti-spams
  • etc....

Languages available included

  • French (fr-FR)
  • English (en-GB)
  • Italian (it-IT)

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